Why did my payment fail?


We do our best to support a variety of browsers and devices. However, there are cases when some devices and/or browsers are not working correctly with some parts of our application. If you are seeing payment errors, try switching your browser to latest Google Chrome. This should help you make sure your payment goes through.

Bank Blocked Payment

Since we are a young company from the US the most likely reason that your payment was unsuccessful is due to your bank blocking the payment. It is great that banks are cautious and keep your money safe, but usually, a quick call to let them know that you would like to make the payment and that we are not fraudulent is usually all it takes to get the payment to clear.

If your bank needs more information to unblock payments, here is what’s important about our charge:

  • The payment will be routed internationally, mainly through Iceland, Canada or Mexico. The payment terminates in US
  • The receiving account is owned by Ideamattic LLP, a company registered in the United Kingdom
  • The payment processor is Stripe, Inc., a PCI-compliant company registered in the USA
  • If the bank says they are not blocking it, please tell them that when we attempted a charge, their own servers returned the an error message. If they don’t know what that is, please ask to talk to their fraud department as that is where this message originates. Automated fraud detection systems are VERY sensitive to international payments such as this and block vigorously.

Card Update

When old cards expire or accounts change, you will need to update your billing information or your card in Mailarrow as well. 

Here is how to Update Your Billing Information:

From the left menu, select Settings. Go to the Billing tab and click Change Subscription. In the pop-up window that appears, enter your new billing information. Click Save. 

The same goes for your credit card, which can be updated on the same screen. Add a new card in the Payment Cards section, then make the new card the primary card and delete the old one.

High Risk Cards

It is possible that your card has been blocked by our payment processor if it has a history of fraudulent activity. This is how we keep everyone safe. Normally, in this case, using another card will be successful.