What happens after payment failure

Reasons for payment failure

Payment failures can occur for different reasons, and not all of them are alarming. This article gives a straightforward explanation of what counts as a payment problem and what happens to your account after such things happen.

  1. Error adding new credit card details
    First, make sure you've entered the correct information in Mailarrow. If everything is accurate and the problem continues, the best solution is to contact your bank and inquire about the reason for the payment failure.
  2. New credit card
    Don't forget to regularly update your card information in the Billing > Change Subscription on Settings of Mailarrow. If your card is about to expire and a payment is due, you can add a different card as a new payment method.
  3. Old card data stored in the browser
    Browsers may store the information you enter, such as login details or billing information. Even if you've updated it in Mailarrow before, your card data might still be stored. Please verify that your card details are current.

What will happen to my account?

If Mailarrow can't process your payment on the due date, it will make three more attempts, spaced three days apart, giving you approximately 12 days to make the payment. If all attempts fail, your account will be deletion.

What if you want to restore it, but it’s been a few days since it was closed? You will have a chance to renew your subscription by paying the regular fee and the amount you haven’t paid before. When you renew your account, you'll be able to review the billing summary.