Why are my Emails Getting Bounced in the Email Campaign?

Occasionally, emails in your campaign may bounce for various reasons. Mailarrow utilizes your email account to send emails, so when an email bounces and is returned to your inbox, its status is changed to "Bounced" in the campaign dashboard.

Below are some of the common reasons for email bounces:

1) The recipient's email is either invalid or not accepting incoming emails temporarily, which is a common cause of bounced emails. When your email provider tries to deliver emails to an address that doesn't exist or is not currently accepting emails, the email bounces, and you receive an error message in return.

The solution is to use a verified email list in your campaigns to avoid bounced emails. You can either verify your mailing list before scheduling the campaign or use our email verification feature when scheduling to ensure your list is validated.

2) Your email account may experience issues if it surpasses the sending limit set by your email provider or if it's a newly created account. Mailarrow users can send emails based on the quota assigned by their email provider. This quota varies for each user and is dynamically defined by the email provider.

When you create a new email account, the sending limit is initially low for a few months, as most email service providers (ESPs) restrict bulk sending in the beginning. The account needs a gradual warm-up period before being allowed to send a high volume of emails regularly.

If you attempt to send more emails than your email provider allows, your emails may be bounced. To avoid this, we recommend users check their daily sending limit with their ESP before sending bulk emails through Mailarrow.

3) The recipient's email provider may reject your emails. Occasionally, email servers of recipients have filters that scan incoming emails and reject some based on certain keywords. This can result in bounced emails, even if the recipient's email is valid. It's important to note that these types of bounces are beyond the control of the sender or Mailarrow, as they occur when the recipient's email provider rejects the emails.

4) Emails may be rejected due to the tracking domain in your emails. When you use email tracking tools like Mailarrow, the emails contain the tracking domain of that tool. Using generic tracking domains in your emails can trigger spam filters, leading to bounced emails in your campaign. This is particularly common with Gmail, which has strict email standards.

To avoid this, Mailarrow provides a custom tracking domain feature that lets you replace generic tracking domains with your own. Using a custom tracking domain can help prevent these bounces. We recommend watch some YouTube videos to understand what it is about.

5) Your email provider may reject your emails if your content is marked as spam. When your recipients report too many spam complaints to your email provider, your email content and domain can be flagged for spamming. This can result in temporary or permanent account restrictions, causing your emails to bounce. If you observe these restrictions from your email services, take note.