How email sending works with Mailarrow

How your emails are sent

After linking your mailbox to Mailarrow, it sends emails using your email address, creating the impression that you sent them personally. Consequently, you'll usually see these messages in your "Sent" folder.

Our server IP addresses initiate the email sending process by requesting your email provider's servers. Your provider's IP addresses are then used to send the emails. As your Email Service Provider (ESP) is the genuine email sender, this process must adhere to the rules set by your email provider.

It's crucial to be aware of your email provider's daily sending limit and email sending guidelines to avoid account blocks and prevent your messages from being marked as spam.

If you surpass the daily sending limits, send emails with spam words, or violate email sending guidelines, your email provider may send us a server error. This typically leads to a temporary suspension of your mailbox for 24 hours or more.

How you can control the sending process in Mailarrow

When create your email campaign, you can customize how your emails are sent for better optimization. These settings allow you to control the number of emails sent per day, decide follow-up intervals, and schedule emails on specific days.

Manage email account settings

The following settings are set up separately for each mailbox you link with Mailarrow.

Delay between individual emails

By default, Mailarrow sends your emails with a set 30-second time interval. To seem less automated and more human-like, we recommend choosing longer, randomized delays for sending your emails.

Total emails per day

By default, Mailarrow sends 120 emails per hour from a selected email account, with a set interval between emails. You have the option to modify the limit of your email sending in the email account settings to make sure you stay within your Email Service Provider's (ESP) daily limit.

To check and edit the sending limit:

Visit the Email Accounts list.
Select the Settings button beside the mailbox you wish to review. In the settings, you can change daily sending limit.

❗ Attention: We do not recommend choosing limits that are lower than the defaults.

Set campaign schedule

We offer the option to set a sending window when creating your campaign, allowing you to send emails according to your preferred schedule. You can choose specific days and hours for sending your campaign emails. Additionally, you can select a time zone that aligns with your target audience.

💡 Note: The campaign schedule always comes first, and Mailarrow will halt email sending when the designated sending window concludes. Any remaining emails will be queued to be sent on the next day.

Set intervals between your follow-ups

You have the option to insert delays between your follow-up emails and indicate the number of days and hours before the next email is sent.

💡 Note: If your prospect replies, sends an out-of-office reply, or unsubscribes from your campaign, Mailarrow will automatically cease sending future emails.