How to connect an SMTP email account to Mailarrow

Mailarrow enables you to connect your email account through SMTP settings. The process of setting up a custom SMTP sender account in Mailarrow includes the following steps:

  1. Get your SMTP credentials and server settings
  2. Add a new email account in Mailarrow
  3. Enter SMTP and IMAP settings

Get your SMTP credentials and server settings

When configuring an SMTP account, you must supply your SMTP username and password. In the following section, we'll clarify the terms used in this article to help you comprehend the type of information required.

SMTP/IMAP usernameThe SMTP username is the login or email address associated with your email account and is used to authenticate with the SMTP server. Typically, the SMTP/IMAP username is the same as your email address, but it can also be a different username you selected while creating your email account.
SMTP/IMAP passwordThe SMTP/IMAP password is the password used to log in to your email account.
SMTP/IMAP HostThe Host is the server address. For example, You can find it in your email account settings or by checking your provider’s help center.
SMTP/IMAP PortPort refers to the specific port number used for SMTP/IMAP communications.

The most commonly used ports are:

  • Port 465 for SSL connection type
  • Port 587 for TLS connection type

Ensure you use the accurate SMTP credentials and server settings for Mailarrow to authenticate with your email account and ensure the successful sending of your campaigns.

Configuring a new email account

In the second step, you will be required to input your SMTP and IMAP details on the email account settings page.

This page will display a list of all the email accounts that you have connected to Mailarrow.

  • Click the Connect New Mailbox button.
  • If you provider is not on the list, choose Any other SMTP/IMAP mailbox

Enter SMTP and IMAP settings

Entering SMTP settings

In the SMTP section, input your SMTP credentials and the server settings for sending emails.

SMTP credentials:

 (1) From nameThis is your sender name.

Enter your name or company name to be displayed in the ‘From’ field when your recipients receive your email.

(2) From email This is the email address you will be sending emails from. Enter your SMTP username here.
To set your alias address as the From email, follow these steps:
  1. Enable the Use different account name option.
  2. In the Username field that appears, enter the username (email address) you use to authenticate with the SMTP server.
  3. In the From email field, enter the alias address that was added to your primary mailbox.

Please note that you can only add alias addresses that are associated with your primary email account to the From email field.

(3) PasswordEnter your SMTP password here.

SMTP server settings:

Mailarrow connects to your provider’s SMTP server to send emails to your recipients.

 (4) HostEnter the SMTP host that matches your email account’s default settings.
(5) PortSelect the SMTP port that matches your email account’s default settings.

Entering IMAP settings

In the IMAP section, input the server settings for receiving emails. The IMAP server handles incoming responses and allows Mailarrow to record them in the email campaign statistics. Usually, your IMAP credentials match your SMTP credentials, so there's no need to re-enter them here.

However, if you wish to connect to a different IMAP server, activate the "I receive replies to an email account that’s not my From email" option. You can link to another mailbox that receives responses by providing IMAP credentials for that email account.

IMAP credentials:

(1) UsernameEnter your IMAP username.
(2) PasswordEnter your IMAP password.

IMAP server settings:

(3) HostEnter the IMAP host.
(4) PortSelect the IMAP port from the dropdown list.

❗ Attention: Including IMAP settings is optional, but if you skip this step, your email account will be connected with some limitations.

Check connection

Complete your email account setup by testing the connection after entering all required settings. Click the Send Test Email button. Mailarrow will send you the test email that will confirm the successful connection.