Sender Rotation: What, Why, and How to Set it Up?

What is Sender Rotation?

Effortlessly switch between various email accounts in your sequences. With Sender Rotation, Mailarrow allows you to include multiple email accounts in a sequence.

Consider having three connected email accounts:,, and ted@domain.hq. Once your sequence is activated, the system takes control and rotates the sending of emails among these accounts. It's ensuring each account gets its turn to reach out to your prospects.

Why Sender Rotation?

Sender Rotation improves deliverability and efficiently scales up outreach. By spreading the email volume across multiple accounts, it enhances deliverability while reducing the chances of surpassing email-sending limits.

You don't need to create separate sequences for each account, making your workflow simpler. Even if one account encounters any issues, your entire email sequence remains unaffected, thanks to the collaborative power of multiple accounts.

How to Set up Sender Rotation?

1) Go to the Settings section and find the Mail Accounts options.

2) The Email Address field shows your default account, set up initially. However, you can add more accounts at any time.3) If you wish to change to another account, simply choose it. Additionally, you can also connect a new email account. For more information, check the link below.

After adding the email accounts, turn on the sequence to activate it. Mailarrow will cycle through your connected email accounts when sending emails to prospects, and follow-up emails will also be sent from the same account.

4) To add another mailbox to the sequence, click on Campaigns in the left menu, select the campaign you need, then go to Settings and add Mailboxes.

Filter with Ease: Track, Sort, and Analyze Emails in Mailarrow

Mailarrow offers a smooth method to track and assess the performance of each email sender in your sequence. You can filter by email sender, variant, and dates, giving you complete control over organizing and analyzing your sent emails.