Sequence Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time): What, Why, and How to Set It Up?

What is Sequence Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time)?

The Sequence Schedule feature in Mailarrow is a great way to plan your outreach to prospects. With the Schedule, you can efficiently manage your outreach by defining time frames for all seven days of the week and controlling the time zone for your outreach.

Why Sequence Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time)?

Utilizing the Schedule feature in Mailarrow brings several advantages to enhance your outreach efforts. Here's why integrating email schedules in Mailarrow can have a significant impact:

  1. Streamlined Outreach Management: Setting up schedules provides better control and organization for your outreach activities. It eliminates the need for manual sending and helps you stay on top of your follow-ups, making your outreach process more efficient.
  2. Improved Engagement and Response Rates: Timing is crucial in email engagement. With the Schedule feature, you can strategically time your outreach to increase the likelihood of your emails being opened and responded to. Reaching your prospects at the most opportune moments maximizes your chances of getting the desired response.
  3. Global Outreach Optimization: If your target audience spans different time zones, the Schedule feature enables you to align your outreach with their local working hours. This ensures your emails arrive when they are most likely to be seen, enhancing the effectiveness of your global outreach campaigns.

How to Set up Sequence Schedules(Time Zone, Day, Time)?

1) Accessing the Schedule Settings

To get started, click on ''Campaigns" from the left menu and chose needed to your Campaign.

2) Configuring the Schedule Settings

Once you're on the Campaign page, you need to click the Settings tab, there you will see the schedule settings. You can set the Allowed Days, Sending Time, and Sending Timezone you need.Once you have made all the changes, don't forget to click the Save button.