How to set up my follow-ups pace?

When to send a follow-up email?

While the most accurate way to confirm is by testing it in your own campaigns, here's a suggested framework as a starting point:

  • 2-day delay between email 1 and 2
  • 2-day delay between email 2 and 3 
  • 3-day delay between email 3 and 4

To set the delay between sends, you need to click Campaigns in the left menu, select the campaign you need, go to Sequence, and set the delay as shown below.

To find the optimal time frames or days for sending a campaign, we recommend conducting A/B tests with different schedules and assess any differences.

How many follow-up emails to send?

Different case studies provide different answers:

  • For a typical campaign, between 2 and 4 follow-up emails. 
  • For a sales campaign, the amount is usually 4 (but there‚Äôs a lot of A/B testing as well.)
  • For non-business related objectives, between 2 or 3 follow-ups.

The correct answer will vary based on your specific situation. You can't be certain until you observe the response from your audience. This is why it's crucial to test various follow-up email templates, figure out what works best, and then focus on those insights.

Additionally, if a prospect doesn't respond to a particular sequence, you may choose to test it against a completely different campaign later on.

Extra tips:

1) Think about your sequence as a story.
  • Include some sparkle jokes and continue the story as it progresses. Maintaining a consistent narrative in your emails will help your Buddy-to-Be recall your previous email.
2) Think about your sequence and set up at least two or three follow-ups.
  • In our view, you should have a minimum of three cold emails in total.
3) Keep your subject line the same.
  • If you leave the subject line empty, your follow-up emails will be grouped under the same thread with the same subject line as your initial email in the sequence.
4) Decide on your follow-up objective.
  • You have to promptly remind your prospect of the previous email and provide them with additional value, information, or entertainment.
5) Set-up proper time delays. 
  • You should steer clear of sending a prospect four emails in five days to avoid coming across as intrusive. People generally don't appreciate pushy sales approaches.