Troubleshooting: Google Jail: You have reached a limit for sending mail

💡 Note: Check your email sending volume, as G Suite allows 2,000 emails per day, except during the trial period, which is defined as the first 6 months. If you exceed 500 emails per day during the trial and wish to increase the limit to 2,000 emails/day, you can pre-pay for 6 months.

Google takes spam seriously and imposes limits on accounts showing potential spam activities. A clear sign of this issue is receiving emails from, stating that emails couldn't be sent due to reaching email limits.

Unfortunately, these errors don't specify which prospects were affected, causing Mailarrow to continue sending follow-ups and exacerbating the issue.

This problem often arises from a sudden increase in email volume or high volume during the G Suite/Gmail trial period. It can also result from spam complaints, high bounce rates, or Google's dislike of the email content (deemed spammy).

Google typically restores the account after 24 hours, but a change in email patterns is necessary to prevent a recurrence.

Here are possible ways to fix the problem: 

Lower the email volume

It's advisable to start with around 20–30 emails per day during the initial weeks. Concentrate on enhancing your email content and value proposition to minimize the necessity of sending many emails.

With compelling email copy and prospects showing interest, there may not be a need to send hundreds of emails daily. Instead, you can gradually scale up once you're receiving responses and achieving positive outcomes.

Don't use free email accounts

Google often flags free email accounts, imposing a low sending limit. For improved deliverability and a higher sending limit, it is advisable to use a G Suite email account.

Contact G Suite support and request to upgrade to a 2,000 emails/day limit 

You might have to spend a minimum of $30 for that. Check this link for more details. If they mention that your email limit is already at 2000 emails/day, you can inquire about the reason behind the imposed limit on your email volume. 

Check your audience/list and make sure they are well-targeted and would actually like to get the emails you're sending out

People tend to report emails they don't like as spam.

Avoid copying templates from other users 

Google quickly identifies and flags email templates used by spammers because it strongly opposes spam. 

Remove extra styling from your HTML messages

Occasionally, copying text may include hidden styling details, even if they're not visible. To prevent this, when pasting an email body into an email step, select all and use the Clear formatting to avoid any unwanted styling information.

Next, format the email manually and include links if needed.

Add variations in your email steps and use attributes like {{prospect.first_name}} and {{}} to diversify subject lines and email content. Having more email variations is beneficial. It helps create the impression that you're not sending identical emails to everyone on your list.

Increase the delay between emails

Longer delay = better.  

You can set the delay between emails by clicking the Settings in the left menu, then in the Mail Accounts tab, click Settings next to your email address and in the Sending Settings section, set the delay. (Try 1–2 minutes)