How to reconnect your Outlook/Exchange accounts through OAuth

What happened and why you need to reconnect

Microsoft recently updated security settings for Outlook/Exchange accounts, affecting how third-party applications access email accounts. Due to these changes, Mailarrow lost connections to Outlook/Exchange accounts, potentially halting drip and warm-up campaigns. You may need to manually resume these campaigns.

How to reconnect and resume your campaigns

To resume your campaigns, reconnect your Outlook/Exchange accounts using OAuth. It’s a simple process that will help you restore the connection and continue sending your campaigns.

1) Reconnect your account

Open Settings on left menu. On tab Mail Accounts, you will notice (Error: Please Reconnect) near your Microsoft account, also you will notice red dot on top right corner.

When you open your Microsoft account settings, you'll see the Reconnect Mailbox button in the status bar

A Microsoft OAuth authentication page will show up. Log in to your Outlook account and provide the required app permissions for Mailarrow to establish a connection. After completing the reconnection process, your account will be ready to send emails again.

2) Resume your campaigns

After reconnecting all affected accounts, you can manually restart any outreach campaigns that were paused. Navigate to your Campaigns page. Switch the status of your paused campaigns from "Paused" to "Active." Sending will resume based on the scheduled settings.