How to reconnect your Gmail to SMTP type connection

How to switch your Gmail email account connection to SMTP. SMTP is a commonly used method for sending outreach campaigns, known for its reliability when sending many emails. We suggest connecting your Gmail to Mailarrow through SMTP rather than an API-based connection. Before you begin, verify your current connection type.

Create an app password

The initial step involves creating an app password for your Gmail account.

To permit Mailarrow access to your Gmail account, you need to authorize it by using the app password in your SMTP credentials.

  • Visit the Security page.
  • Scroll until you find the How you sign in to Google section.

Make sure the 2-Step Verification is enabled. If it's turned off, the app password option will not be available.

Click the 2-Step Verification option.

On the next screen, scroll down and find App passwords option.

Under Select app, choose Mail, and under Select device, choose Other (custom name).

Click the Generate button.

Be sure to copy your app password to a secure location, as you will not be able to view it again after leaving this page. You will need it for the next step.

Note: If you change the default password for your Gmail account, your App password will be revoked. If this occurs, you must create a new App password and update it in your SMTP credentials.

Reconnect with app password

If your app password has changed, your mailbox will not be able to send emails through Mailarrow, you will see in the settings Mailbox Errors: Reconnect Mailbox.All you need to do is just click Reconnect Mailbox and enter a new app password.Creating a new SMTP email account

In the left menu, open Settings and click Connect New Mailbox.In the pop-up window, select Any Other Mailbox and fill in all the details.

Email credentials:

 (1) Sender nameEnter your sender name.
(2) Sender email Enter the address associated with your Gmail account.

To set your Gmail alias address as the “From email”, follow these steps:

  1. Enable the “Use different account name” option.
  2. In the Username field that appears, enter the login email for your primary Gmail account.
  3. In the From email field, enter the alias address that was created for your Gmail account by the admin.

Please note that you can only add alias addresses that are associated with your primary Gmail account to the “From email” field.

(4) PasswordEnter the “app password” created for your Gmail account.

SMTP and IMAP server settings:

FieldDefault provider’s value
SMTP Port465 for SSL encryption
IMAP Port993 for SSL encryption

Don't forget to click save when you have entered all the data